Feb 28, 2007

87 reasons to nominate this blogger for the Dilip Kumar award!

Namaskaar! Sab kheriyat to hai na?

Humaari life mein kya chal raha hai? Pappu ne eggjaam mein top kar diya. Gaaslet ka daam badd gaya hai, isliye aaj hum fruit salad khayenge. Mamta ben ka doodhwaale ke saath kuch.. affair shaffair chal raha hai. (Lekin kisi ko bataana mat!)

Acha, chalo.. ek aur nominee ki baari hai. And this time ees the double attack! Zor se taaliyon se swaagat karein humaare agle nominee ka!

Sri. Dilip Kumar dwaara prasthuth kiye lifetime achievement awaard (blogbhumika ke padmashree)


The Dilip Kumar award for the most exhaustive use of blogger and wordpress server space.

And our first nominesan is... Mr.Amit Verma! n-kor! n-kor!

Handsome Singh Hottie sir humko aajkal proverbs ka lessan padha rahe hain. Woh kehte hain,
Vaijayanthi, "A pikchar says a thouzand wurds" ka udhdhaaran (eggjampal) do!

Jaise fillumfare mein "best villain" nominesan karte vakt Villain ke fillum ka besht rape scene dikhaate, waise hi hum is nominesan ke liye visual aid ka isthemaal karenge. No audio, kindly edjusht.

This post is a fairly representative of Amit Verma's special brand of interweb diarrhoea in that..
a. It has nothing to do with India?
b. It reflects no writing abilities on Amit's part, correction no abilities on his part except his efficient use of copy and paste (and company time- I don't know where you work Amit, but kudoes on finding a job that affords you so much free time!)
c. It hyperlinks everything under the sun regardless of the utter lack of relevance to the subject at hand
d. It's a forward everyone's already read and reforwarded and somehow he thinks he's done the world a favour by purchasing webspace and publishing it for the world to see.

Also, I have one more koshchan...

What's cow got to do with it?

p.s. Linkon pe kripya click karein aur padhein!


Cow hater Ammu said...

Enna nalla post Vaijayanthi! Enga captain Vijaykanth oda power punch maadhiri, nee oru picture a vechi punch kuduthuthey ma! Like thees englipish saying my paati told me 'this pikchaar ees equal to ya thousand words' only.

Lolita Chatterjee said...

Nomoshkaar Boijontee di,
Pappu ke aamaar onek bhaalobasha! Congratulations and celebrations on passing his eggjams! Aar.. Hottie Singh ji is sounding bhery hot! You know, I also had this Master moshai for Engliss- his name was Ronnie da. Uff! He was also bhery hot! Now that he has gone to Kolkata, I miss him. :(

Baah Baah (wah wah)! Aapnee ekdom daaroon post likhechen! :) Bhery good!

But I think Omit da is getting many, many nominations! He must be so happy, no? I am sure he reads our little blog and smiles happily. Though, Shontu da says that maybe Omit da is the one leaving all those naughty comments about licking and doing other things to murgis (roosters)! But I am thinking maybe he is not. Maybe he is only smiling and getting his acceptance speech ready. Aacha.. we must warn him that his acceptance speech can not be as rambly and pointless as his posts!

Aacha.. Aami aashi! I have to make maacher jhol for lunch!

Omit da ke bhote deen!

Jai Maa Durga!

anon1 said...

Hey, come on, Dilip and Shivam please.. They are the most boring and insincere bloggers around. It would be all right if they kept to themselves (I dont read their crap anyway), but they keep meddling their noses in other blogs and blogosphere activities..

QuickGunMurugan said...

Amit Verma kee waat laga dee aapne. Good job. Faaltu aadmi hai. I wonder how such stupid cow posts got him the best blogger awards.. Well, he definitely should get an award here too, along with Shivam.

What about GreatBong ? He is too egoistic, over-argumentative, and unwilling to accept facts and reasoning. I must say that he is a master at words - He would first make statements indirectly, and then obfuscate issues by saying - "Where did I say blah blah blah"

Anonymous said...

@ anon1: Why don't you go to Shivam's Blog and say that?

Anonymous said...

Why do you hate cows, Ammu? Are you jealous of their beeg udders? do you wish you had them? I thought all of you were animal labhers?
Or did it kick when you tried to suck?

Anonymous said...

Get back to your pots and pans and makeup, women. This is no place for you.

Anonymous said...

Agla karyakram pesh kiya jayein.

Vaijayanthi Ben said...

Ammu Akka,

Romba nandree! i am trying to do this power puff girl, i mean power punch effect only!

Lolita di,

namaskaar, your teacher Ronnie da sounds very nice too, sorry he is away!

Omit is a veteran like our great Dilip saab, there-four it is impotent to give him many nominesans. Of course, didi, you must understand that there are several veterans and we must honour all of them. Billojee is working on this as we speak.
I hope your maacher johl is very nice, I want to teste it.

Anon1 (deewana)
Mention naat for your support and corporation.
Escoose me jee, I am only the simple housewife who has to feed pappu and chunnu, send them to the iskool, make lunch dabba for pateedev, dinner for pateedev and render other sarvices for pateedev. I am having the majot time management isoos, so kindly edjust and I will use ur sujjeschan very soon!

Quick Gun Murugan,

You are toh very quick only. MEntion naat for your compliments. The great bong jee will be flogged in due course. He is the impotent subject and he needs ispesal attention u see?

Anon2 (parvana): Your comment is toh very ismart. :)

anon3 (mastana): Unforchunately, you are not as ismart as the deewana and parwana sirjees. You are comparing, how to say, santra and seb?

anon4(shola): booohooohooo... hum multitasking kar rahe hain aur aap humko corporate nahin karenge? Yeh naari mukti ka sawaal hai. Shola jee haay haay!

Anon5 (shabnam): Work is under construction jee.

Anonymous said...

Vaijayanti Cunt, your retorts lack punch, maami. Age catching up with you, eh? Poor pappu, chunnu and their baap(s)

Anonymous said...

Chee chee chee and you are such cowardly slimeballs.

Miss Palampur said...

@ Punch Jee: Arrey aap humein galat samjah rahein hain. Humaare Blog se aap jaise punchers ko anand mille, yehi to maksad hain. Aur jitni baar aap apni padhai-shadai chod kar humarein Blog par darshan kar rahein hain, usse to yeh baat bilkul saaf hai ki kaafi Nirmal Anand aap utha rahein hain. Badiya hain.
Aur jis tarah ke incisive tippani aapne abhi pesh ki kain, us se yeh baat to tai hain ki aap Mahaan hai, Bemisaal hai (aur bhi Amit Jee ki pasandita fillumon ka naam jod le. Amitjee ka fan hai na aap? Kissi na kissi ke to fan honge. Yourfan. Theirfan. Polarfan. Vagairah)
Aur waise humein poori jaankari hain, humarein maa aur baba ke baarein mein. Aapko shayad kuch kum yaad rehta hoga.
Aate rahiyega.

@ Gend Lover Jee: Aapke nahin hain kya? Oh ho.

@ V Ben: Fun, Joy aur Nirmal Anand aa gaya yeh post padkar. Pranaam.

Anonymous said...

do vichaar share karne they aap sabke saath. pehla, aap sabka blog kaafi addictive hain. hum aate rahengye. doosra, aapka trolls ke prati rivaaz (?) lajawab hain. bilkul sahi rookh apnaya hain ap sabne. bahut achhe.
bhagwan raftaar, priya behenon, bhagwan raftaar. lagey rahiyen.

ps - bhagwan raftaar? godspeed ya kuch suna hain angrezi filmon mein. vahi tatpraya tha yahaan.

heroHeeralal said...

Yeah, I agree with QuickGunMurugan.. Greatbong needs a good dose of flogging.

Great job :)

Naataamai Nallasivam said...

Ada da... I yam genius. Namma Amit-oda cow logic kandu pudichittom le, kandu pudichittom.

Adaavadhu.. indha Amit paya seriyana kabodhi. Adhu mattum illama, comments-ku bayandhu comments section-a disable panniputaan illiya? Adhaan logic.. Avane avana pathi "COWard"-nu sonna oore onnu koodhu thuppum-nu therinji, cow, cow-nu solraan.

Enna ve? seriya thaane sollipotten?

Anonymous said...

Enna cunt ji, enakku hindi varaathu. And I ammm yilliterate and seeking yilluminations from punchless blogs. Don't worry about my padhaai, (tears of gratitude for the concern), but worry about chunnu munnu's baaps. Dont get them frustrated, maami. Spend your time under them, lern, lerrn.

I don't eben knbow who the peoples you are trashing are. All I know is that I labh you cunts. And I am jobless like you. Yaand I trash you like you trash poor peoples.

scout said...

haha.. though i don't know much about most of the bloggers that have been nominated, i couldn't help laughing helplessly through most of your posts.

looking forward to when you bash zem ladizz. :D

Bill said...

Well done Veena, good effort. It's commendable on your part that you pretended to be five different contributors to this blog. Logging out and logging in again and again to talk to yourself must be so much fun.

Dear readers, in case you haven't figured it out yet, the writer of this blog is none other than Veena of Yossarian Lives: http://onayahuasca.blogspot.com/

It's much easier to get readers by ranting about others than by writing good stuff on your own blog, isn't it? Well done again.

Anonymous said...


This particular entry takes the cake. Much as one would like to feel empathetic towards the victimless criminals, our man has the gall to say something like this :-

But then, who cares about individual freedom in this country?

You wonder how Mr Varma is able to blog the way that he does, with impunity.

BTW, it could be interesting how Mr Varma's writings and commentary might be interpreted in light of existing laws on sedition in this country. I'm sure we can make a good case for the prosecution.

Cow hater Ammu said...

@ Scout jee:

Enna Scout ponnu(girl) you really dont know much about the bloggers we've praised so far? Yit yees no matter. Keep visiting us and you weeel learn much much more.

@ Bill the 'identity confuser' jee:

Chee chee bill jee, you insult me and my ben's by forcefully stating that we are all one person. Romba saari jee, aana we are not one schizophrenic person. So please drink boost and try harder Bill jee.

@ Smug anonymous jee:

Very clever jee! Adada kozhupu sottaruthu. Konjam control pannu da kanna!

Veena said...

bill: All this link love and samaj seva and all is fun, but can you not steal Bill's identity please? We have enough marital squabbles as it is without you complicating it by masquerading as the real Bill.

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